Amy Hunter AT A GLANCE:

Height: 5 foot

Dress size: 8-10

Bra size: 32DD

Shoe size: UK4/EU37/US6.5

Hair colour: Brunette

Eye colour: Blue


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Having spent several years as a popular spankee both on websites and in sessions, my skills as a Domme were built from my personal experiences, and over the last few years I have honed them to become a very firm - but usually fair -disciplinarian, using my natural dominance and love of power interaction.

Having been on the other end of the cane, so to speak, I am in an excellent position to know how it feels, both physically and psychologically.

Do not be fooled by my size; I may be 5 foot tall (in my stockinged, size 4 feet) but I can still command your attention and respect without resorting to shouting or unnecessary swearing.

I am also rather stronger than I look, and my hand spanking can often get through to those over my knee more intensely than a paddle or slipper would - you have been warned!

Corporal Punishment is my background, and is also my speciality - I am renowned for my skill and accuracy with implements - but I also have a fondness for imaginative role play and finding new ways of making my inner sadist smile. I relish the variety of scenarios and situations my work offers me; improvisation is a natural strength, and if you have a specific idea in mind, or just want a coherent, intelligent conversation or lecture then I am always happy to create that.

I train in martial arts, and do sometimes utilise my knowledge of holds and turn-overs to take advantage of people. My strong thighs can be most effective in choking you out, should the situation warrant it.

Think you can take on the role of my punchbag whilst I train some kicks and punches? Be careful what you ask for! 

I now also offer face-sitting, smothering, and bottom worship, though only whilst wearing panties.

Having spent many years living in Glasgow, I am highly skilled with the tawse, and have delighted in applying my selection many times to bottoms, and also to hands. I also love to administer a no-nonsense caning, if given half a chance.

I love domestic scenarios especially, and enjoy using both corner/thinking/anticipation time and scolding as part of a punishment - I feel they can be just as effective as a good thrashing, so to combine them all can be quite devastating.